Test for Strep in the Comfort of your Home

Skip a trip to the doctor and get your diagnosis within minutes at home.

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Digital results within 5-8 minutes. No need to miss work or school to go through the hassle of a doctor's visit.


Just as accurate as tests performed at doctor's offices, with digital results that remove the possibility of human error.

Easy to Use

A two step process designed for convenience. Simply swab your throat, insert the swab in the device, and read the results.


Still have questions? Please email us at hello@delvelabs.io.

Will the test be FDA approved?

Yes. We have started the process of clearing the device with the FDA.

How much will the product cost?

Our at home digital strep test will cost around $24.99, but this is subject to change.

How do I perform a strep test?

Clear and detailed instructions are included on the packaging. Simply swab the tonsils and put it in the device. That's it.

Where will the product be sold?

Our at home digital strep test will be sold on our website, at retailers, drug stores, and Amazon.

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